18 Mexican Food Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Foodie

Need a gift idea for the Mexican food lover in your life? I’ve got you!

These Mexican food gifts are perfect for the Mexican cooking expert in your life (or for yourself–I won’t tell). 

I’m a dietitian, but I’m also a total foodie and Mexican food nerd. Exploring Mexican culinary traditions has made me more connected to my roots and given me a more balanced view of healthy eating.

That’s why I think these Mexican food gifts are perfect for the Mexican foodie in your life! Keep reading for my top gift ideas for Mexican food lovers.

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How I chose the items on this list

I came up with different categories of gifts: cooking tools, kitchenware, cookbooks, and foods. For cooking tools and serving, I went for the most practical items. For foods I prioritized fun and unique foods made by Latino-owned companies, where possible. 

And for cookbooks, I simply chose my favorites!

I was not compensated for including any items in this list. However, the product links on this page are affiliate links. This means I’ll earn a small commission if you click them and make a purchase. 

Now let’s get to the Mexican food gift ideas!

Cooking Tools

Below you’ll find some of the most iconic Mexican cooking tools. The gift recipient may or may not already have some of these items, depending on how long and how seriously they’ve been exploring Mexican cuisine. 

Comal (or griddle)

A comal will completely transform your Mexican cooking! I was skeptical and stuck with my regular pots and pans for years. But switching to a comal saved me a lot of time and made my food taste more authentic. 

These days my comal lives on my stovetop permanently. That’s how important it is to my kitchen!

Use the comal to heat up tortillas, char tomatoes and chiles for salsa, and more. The most authentic comal is made of clay, but a cast iron comal is also very common. A flat griddle can accomplish virtually the same thing, too!

My picks:

Sensarte Nonstick Griddle Grill Pan, Reversible

This is the one I personally use the most. I like that this griddle has two sides. The ribbed side is perfect for grilling vegetables for making salsa

Comal Para Tortillas Grandes

This comal is extra large, perfect for feeding the whole family!

Tortilla press

There are a lot of tortilla press options on the market. In my opinion, I’ve never had success with metal or aluminum tortilla presses. I consistently get the best results with a wood tortilla press. 

The more lightweight ones result in thicker tortillas that are harder to cook through correctly.

My pick:

Wooden Tortilla Press with 50 Sheets of Parchment Paper

In addition to being a solid wooden tortilla press, this press comes with 50 sheets of parchment paper to line the tortilla press. This is an upgrade from using plastic grocery bags like I’ve always done!


A molcajete is the traditional Mexican mortar and pestle. Molcajetes are still used for grinding salsa, spices, and more. 

The most traditional material for molcajetes is volcanic rock. But be aware that volcanic rock molcajetes require curing. If this isn’t your speed, you can try a mortar and pestle made from other materials like marble. 

My picks:

The original molcajete handmade of authentic lava rock

This volcanic rock molcajete is as traditional as it gets. 

Koville Luxury African Marble Mortar and Pestle Set

A smaller marble mortar and pestle works great for grinding spices. 


Perhaps the most niche tool on this list, the molinillo is what gives Mexican hot chocolate its signature froth. 

You may not use it every day, but it’s small and affordable and will really take your hot chocolate up a notch. Pair with the Mexican chocolate tabs further down this list for a special gift for Mexican foodies. 

My pick:

Authentic Artisinal Mexican Molinillo


The tamalera is basically a steamer the size of a large stock pot. While you’ll use it for making tamales, this is actually a versatile tool you can use for steaming anything. 

My pick:

ARC 20QT Stainless Steel Vegetable Steamer, Tamale Steamer Pot, Seafood Boil Pot with Divider and Steamer Rack, 5 Gallon

This tamalera fits 50 tamales and comes with a divider so you can steam more than one type of tamal at once. 

Serving Ware

So maybe your loved one has all the cooking tools they need. In this case consider some beautiful, authentic serving ware. Look for Mexican details like embroidery and talavera style painting. 

Tortilla warmer (tortillero)

If a tortilla warmer seems unnecessary, I beg you to reconsider! A tortilla warmer keeps tortillas soft and pliable throughout the meal. This really improves the meal experience.

I’ve always preferred a tortilla basket, but a fabric tortilla warmer is also popular!

My picks:

Bico Blue Talavera Ceramic 8.8 inch Tortilla Warmer

This tortillero includes beautiful talavera style decorations and a lid to help retain heat. 

Amantoli – 3 Piece Mexican Handwoven Tortilla Basket Set – Large (8 inches)

This set of 3 tortillero baskets is affordable and decorative. But because they don’t have a lid, I recommend using with a towel or cloth napkin to increase the heat retention.

Casa TenaTu Hand Embroidered Thermal Tortilleros

These embroidered fabric tortilleros are the most affordable and efficient tortillero option. Perfect for small family meals. 

Napkins (Servilletas)

Some beautiful traditional Mexican cloth napkins can add a decorative touch to your table. In addition to using them as napkins, a servilleta can also be used to line the tortillero and keep tortillas warm (see above).

This variety pack features multiple colors and beautiful embroidery for a festive touch.

Clay mugs (jarritos)

Maybe it’s in my head, but I swear atole and café de olla just taste better in a clay mug. 

Painted jarritos would make a nice gift set along with some Mexican chocolate tablets and a molinillo. 

My pick: 

I love the elegant decorative detail on these jarritos. 

Mexican Food Cookbooks

Even the most practiced Mexican food chef could still use some more recipes! These are some of my favorite cookbooks for the best Mexican recipes. 

Masa by Jorge Gaviria

Jorge Gaviria of Masienda has helped bring nixtamal more attention and respect in the United States. 

Masa is good for hobbyists who want to explore making authentic tortillas, tamales, and more from scratch. I do not recommend Masa for people who want to prioritize fast, easy meals. That being said, I really love this book!

Mexican Home Kitchen by Mely Martínez

I’m a huge fan of Mely Martínez’s blog: Mexico in my Kitchen. This cookbooks does what Mely does best: teach simple, authentic Mexican recipes that work for day to day meals. 

Oaxaca: Home Cooking from the Heart of Mexico by Bricia Lopez

Bricia Lopez is the chef behind one of the most famous Oaxacan restaurants in LA: Guelaguetza. 

If you are a mole fanatic, this is the cookbook for you. It has classic mole recipes like mole poblano, and more. But it also features plenty of lesser known mole recipes to expand your horizons. 

La Vida Verde: Plant-Based Mexican Cooking with Authentic Flavor by Jocelyn Ramirez

This is my top pick for any plant-based Mexican foodies! Jocelyn Ramirez stays true to Mexican flavor and features plant-based ingredients that are part of authentic cuisine. I also featured her spice blends below!

Treats and Ingredients

Anything from this section would work great in a Mexican food themed gift basket! 

Mexican Wedding Cookies and Café de Olla Coffee Bundle

La Monarca is a staple Mexican bakery in Los Angeles. You can get their famous café de olla in a bundle with Mexican wedding cookies for the perfect afternoon snack bundle!

The café de olla at La Monarca is really good–it adds a hint of cinnamon and brown sugar to dark roast coffee for a classic Mexican flavor. This bundle comes with one pack of café de olla and three bags of Mexican wedding cookies. 

Blue Corn Masa Harina

Make your own blue corn tortillas with this blue corn masa harina from Masienda. Blue corn tortillas are a classic that are coming back into the spotlight. 

As a dietitian, I love blue corn because of its high antioxidant content (1). 

Todo Verde Seasoning Packets

For the foodie who needs a shortcut!

These seasoning packets by chef Jocelyn Ramirez (see La Vida Verde cookbook recommendations) help you add flavor to your meals quickly!

I’ve tried them, and the al pastor seasoning packet works well with mushrooms for an easy 10-minute vegetarian taco filling. 

Mexican Chocolate Disc Variety Pack

This variety pack lets you try different flavors of Mexican hot chocolate. Pair with the molinillo and jarritos for a Mexican hot chocolate gift basket!

My favorite flavor? Cinnamon!

Cholula Hot Sauce 5 Fl Oz Variety Pack

People have strong opinions about their favorite hot sauce brand. So if your loved one has a favorite brand, any variety pack from that brand will do. 

But personally? I’ve always loved cholula best for adding a noticeable amount of spice without overpowering the food. This variety pack lets you branch out from the classic Original flavor. I recommend the Chili Lime flavor!

Mexican Candy Variety Pack

I may be a dietitian but it’s no secret I’m also a candy fanatic! Particularly, Mexican candy. It’s just so nostalgic! And I love that the flavor profiles are more interesting than just caramel, chocolate, etc. 

This variety pack lets you sample and find out what your favorite Mexican candy is. This has all the classics, including mazapán, coconut, and tamarind candies. 

Final Thoughts

I’ve shown you my favorite Mexican gift ideas for Mexican food lovers!

If your loved one loves Mexican food, you can help them cook Mexican food at home, or give them fun new Mexican ingredients to try! 


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