Book A Dietitian for Your Employee Wellness Program!

Have you considered nutrition in your employee wellness programming? Nutrition is a critical element of wellness, and can affect employee satisfaction, productivity, and engagement.

I offer a variety of solutions for your corporate wellness needs including lunch and learn presentations, culinary demonstrations, and employee consultations.


30-90 minute webinars. Topics may include:

  • Workday Nutrition Solutions

    It’s one thing to know what a healthy diet is, it’s another to implement it! Time and time again, my clients report their biggest challenge in eating healthy is their schedule, especially during the workweek. This workshop will review practical solutions to eating healthier during the workweek.

  • Nutrition Basics: Building a Balanced Plate

    Nutrition 101 for your team! What makes a healthy diet and how do you know if you’re doing it right? This presentation includes a brief overview of the basics of nutrition science and addresses they key foundations of how to achieve a healthy diet.

  • Flexibly Meet Your Nutrition Needs

    Not only are every person’s nutrition needs different, each person’s needs change day to day. When you think about understanding your own nutrition needs, most people go to calories or macros, estimated based on body size and activity level. But these are only two factors and are actually very tough to measure accurately. This presentation will discuss what factors affect nutrient needs, and help attendees understand some other ways they can use to assess and respond to their own nutrition needs including mindfulness and body awareness.

  • Nutrition con Sabor: Healthy Latino Heritage:

    A perfect fit for your company’s Hispanic Network or Latino Heritage Group. As a Mexican-American and Cuban-American dietitian, I am passionate about teaching nutrition through embracing heritage foods. This presentation will discuss common misconceptions about Latino heritage foods and health, discuss what makes a healthy diet and how Latino cultural foods can fit this need.

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