Nutrition con Sabor for PCOS: Latina’s Guide to PCOS-Friendly Meals


Guide to PCOS-friendly meals for Latinas. Learn the basic principles of nutrition to manage PCOS, plus get over 30 recipes and 7 one-day sample meal plans. All of the information and recipes listed are specifically built to include Latin American heritag foods, so you can eat your favorite foods while feeling better!

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Ever felt left out of the conversation on PCOS? Felt like the resources out there just don’t get it?

This guide to PCOS-friendly meals is built specifically for Latin American heritage food. No more wondering if you can eat plantains or tortillas on a PCOS meal plan.

This guide is for you if you:

  • Find other PCOS meal plans boring, unappealing, or lacking sazón
  • Are looking for simple, non-restrictive PCOS nutrition
  • Are tired of being told to stop eating tortillas, rice, and plantains

This is the only PCOS nutrition guide out there written by a Latina, for Latinas.

My goal is to help you overcome the worst PCOS symptoms–sluggishness, skin troubles, cycle irregularities, and more–with simple nutrition that still feels like you.

In this guide you’ll find:

  • Basic nutrition principles for PCOS
  • List of Latin American Ingredients for PCOS
  • Basic Portions Guide
  • More than 30 Latin-inspired recipes that will work in a PCOS meal plan
  • 7 sample daily meal plans to help you plan
  • Guide to no-cook balanced meals
  • 2 bonus sample meal plans for days you don’t have time to cook


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