Happy Healthy Latinas Meal Planning Membership

Por fin! A meal plan with some sabor!

A weekly meal plan app for proud Latinas, featuring your favorite Latino foods, so you can live your happiest, healthiest lives while showing up as your whole, authentic self.

You can finally say “hay comida en la casa!”

Now you can have stress-free, done-for-you meal plans full of the Latino flavors you love!

Not sure how to create a meal plan with food you actually want to eat? There is a way to tap into your inner señora and easily create healthy meals that put your favorite Latin American foods front and center. 

So you can take charge of your health while showing up as your whole self.

charred tomato on a comal

I would never ask you to commit to bland food!

Do you ever feel like nutrition just isn’t for you?

Does this sound familiar? You’ve decided to take your health seriously. You buy a new meal plan, recipe book, or maybe you spend a few hours googling “healthy dinner recipes.” 

The recipes sure seem healthy but they also seem to lack a little … sabor, you know?

You decide to give them a try, but they’re just not your thing. Where are the tostadas? The rice and beans? The plátanos?!

And maybe your family isn’t feeling the new meal plan either … they’re asking if you can make them something else and next thing you know you’re making two separate meals. Talk about burnout!

And now you’re starting to feel like maybe a healthy diet just isn’t possible for you. 

You’re wondering how your mom made meal prep look so easy

You’re wondering why you don’t see your foods in a healthy meal plan ….

 You’re starting to feel like your cultural foods just aren’t good enough.

So what do you say we stop trying to force ourselves to follow bland nutrition advice?

and instead we make nutritious Latin American meals with alllll the sabor?

That’s why I’ve created THE meal plan app for Latinas who want:

  • To gain access to stress-free done-for-you meal plans
  • To eat their favorite Latin American foods without guilt
  • To get real, guilt-free nutrition talk from a Latina dietitian. 

Overcome the mindset that makes you think “nutrition isn’t for people like me.”

Here’s the REAL problem … most dietitians out there don’t know or understand Latin American food.

They can talk to you about nutrition, but they can’t connect that to the foods you have known and loved your whole life. 

This leaves you spinning your wheels, trying meal plan after meal plan, feeling like the problem is that you just can’t commit. 

When the problem is actually that the plans weren’t made with your favorite foods in mind.

Not confident with cooking? Busy? Tired of conflicting nutrition advice?

Let me guess … you wish someone would just tell you what to eat.

I see you! You’re doing 1000 things. You would love to cook more, but the hardest part is the planning and figuring out what to make. 

You need someone to tell you the recipe, the plan, and what ingredients to buy, because that’s three decisions you don’t have to make. 

Well good news, I’ve got the done-for-you, stress-free meal plans ready to go. And even better, they’re full of tostadas, enchiladas, and more, so that you’ll actually want to follow the meal plan.

“But Krista, I don’t know if I can change my eating habits. I love my tortillas and arroz!"

That’s the beauty of it. You don’t have to. In fact, I would encourage you NOT to give up these foods. I’m a tortilla super fan, and I think they make a great addition to nutritious meals. 

That’s why I’ve built healthy meal plans that include your favorite foods like tortillas, arroz, plátanos, and more!

Good news: Now you can have THE meal planning app built just for Latinas!

Because we’re all tired of eating food without sabor

I’m NOT here to turn Latin American food into diet food. I’m here to harness the nutritious power of traditional Latin American food, and show you how easily it can fit into healthy meal plans. 

Who's behind all this?

That would be me! Your amiga and fave dietitian!

I’m Krista! 

I’m that Latina dietitian who reminds you that yes, salsa is a vegetable! And that corn tortillas are a whole grain! Think of me as the hype woman for all things Latin American-food!

For the last 5 years, I’ve been working with Latina women like you to reduce PCOS symptoms, improve blood sugar, and lower their risk for heart disease. And we do it ALL while making space for rice, tortillas, and plátanos. 

As a 1st generation Latina (my parents are from Mexico and Cuba), I know food is often our number one way of connecting with our loved ones. And the best part is that Latino food can be that source of connection AND help improve your health. You don’t have to choose!

I’ve helped hundreds of Latinas embrace the “hay comida en casa” lifestyle. Are you next?

“I feel like I am eating more balanced meals, with the right nutrition. I am pre-diabetic, and following the plan helps me make sure I have the right balance of carbs, proteins, and vegetables. The recipes are easy to make and taste good.”
- Micaela

Amiga, I can’t wait for you to join me!

Ready to get started?


12 months access


$197 $297

Imagine If …

  • You stopped wasting time because you already knew exactly what to make for dinner
  • You could help your family learn healthy eating habits, all while connecting to your culture
  • You could make simple dinners in 30-60 minutes that are not only healthy, but full of sabor

"I NEED this!"


12 months access


$197 $297

(That’s $2400 LESS than the cost of a year’s worth of custom meal plans)

Ready for the full details?

Here’s what you get when you sign up for flavorful Latino meal plans: 

A Year of Meal Plans

Packed with your favorite Latin American foods

So you can stop wasting hours deciding what to eat. 

Library of 80+ healthy recipes 

Designed by a dietitian who LOVES Latino food

So you can customize or create your own meal plans.

Adjustable serving sizes

Adjusts ingredients and grocery list for you

So you can cook for yourself or the whole familia. Your choice!

Nutrition facts panel

Carbs, protein, and fat for every recipe

So you can learn the nutrition benefits of your favorite recipes. 

Searchable recipe categories

Gluten-free? Watching your blood sugar?

So you can filter recipes that meet your needs (including vegetarian). 

New recipes added weekly

Through March 2025

So you never get bored or run out of meal ideas.

Are you ready to feel confident enjoying your favorite Latino foods, all while learning simple nutrition?


12 months access


$197 $297

(That’s $2400 LESS than the cost of a year’s worth of custom meal plans)

Newsflash ...

This is NOT for you if you don’t want to cook at all.  (I try to keep cooking to 30-60 minutes a day MAX, and make use of leftovers so you won’t have to cook every single day. But there will be some cooking for sure). 

This is for my fellow Latinas who are ready to meal prep 30-60 minutes a day so they can finally enjoy healthy meals with plenty of sabor. Just like these members!

customer testimonials, meal planning app

Jump in now!


12 months access


$197 $297

(That’s $2400 LESS than the cost of a year’s worth of custom meal plans)

Our Guarantee

If within the first 90 days, you don’t feel the meal plans helped you cook healthier meals and feel better, send us a note and you’ll get your money back.

You CAN eat healthy and feel confident making your favorite cultural foods.

Just show up and try our meal plans for twelve weeks.

I’ll do the rest … 

  • I’ll take the decision making off your plate, and hand you ready-to-go weekly meal plans
  • I’ll share with you my full library of 80+ healthy Latin American recipes (and growing)

Psst ... here's a secret ... It’s about more than just meal plans.

It’s about what those meal plans will help you do. 

They’ll help you finally quit starting-and-stopping meal plans that you just can’t stick with because they’re too bland. 

They’ll help you put yourself first. Not just your physical health, but your culture, your taste, and your community. 

They’ll help you finally realize that a healthy lifestyle is possible for you. 

Ultimately, you’ll feel confident about not only what to make and eat, but that your favorite foods can serve your health, too.

Jump in now!


12 months access


$197 $297

(That’s $2400 LESS than the cost of a year’s worth of custom meal plans)

Our Members Had These Questions …

You too?

All of our meal plans have moderate, consistent quantities of carbohydrates and follow the best available evidence for diabetes-friendly meals, as recommended by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. There’s also a tag to help you find high protein, lower carb recipes. Just search for the recipe tag “blood-sugar friendly.”

But these meals plans are not a replacement for personalized medical care. Nutrition is individual. Please go over your meal plan with your provider.

We are pretty moderate with saturated fats in our meal plans, and we emphasize heart healthy fats, as well as fiber. There’s also a tag to help you find our top heart healthy choices. Just search for the recipe tag “heart healthy.”

We have a good amount of vegetarian recipes (we LOVE rice and beans here). The weekly meal plans are not vegetarian, as most of our clients have requested high protein recipes over plant-based. But it’s easy to swap out any recipe in a meal plan, so you can swap in vegetarian recipes as needed. Use the vegetarian and vegan tags to search for our plant-based recipes!

There is a nutrition facts panel available for every recipe! We plan to release the ability to see the full day’s nutrition facts in the next 6 months.

Some cooking is expected to succeed with these meal plans. However, we make heavy use of leftovers, and plan our meals strategically, so you’re not cooking three full courses from scratch every day. It’s realistic to expect 30-60 minutes of cooking 3-5 times a week. Plus we have a recipe search feature where you can look for recipes that are 15 minutes or less (including a few no-cook grab and go options).

We really hope you will! But just in case, all meal plans are customizable. So you can swap out a recipe that’s not your fave for one of your choosing. Plus, now you can upload your own recipes and add them to your meal plan, too!

Yes! You can access the app via your web browser or you can download the mobile app to your device.

The app is not available in the app store. You will receive download instructions upon purchase.

It's Time!


12 months access


$197 $297

(That’s $2400 LESS than the cost of a year’s worth of custom meal plans)

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