4 Step Method for Building Healthy Latin American Meals

Stop restricting rice and tortillas.

Start building healthy meals using my 4 step method built just for Latin American food.


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Here's What You'll Learn

3 Mistakes Latinos Make with Nutrition

Learn the 3 most common mistakes you're probably making, and how they can be actually hurt your health.

What to Add to Latin American Meals

Learn how to add foods to your favorite Latin American meals for a boost of nutrition at any meal!

The 4-Step Method for Healthy Latin American Meals

How to build healthy, balanced meals with your favorite heritage foods that help you feel your best!

Are you ready to ditch the restrictive diets that lack sabor?

I’ve been there, too!

10 years ago, my doctor told me I needed to change my diet.

I tried so hard to follow their advice, but the nutrition advice I could find didn’t tell me how to incorporate my favorite foods.
Where were the tortillas? The plantains? What about rice and beans?
I felt like I couldn’t eat my cultural foods, and that left me feeling isolated and, frankly, bored!

Then my life changed when I spent a weekend flipping through old family cookbooks.

I realized how nourishing our cultural foods are!

It wasn’t that I needed to stop eating my heritage foods … it’s just that there wasn’t enough nutrition advice built for Latinas like me!

I don't want you to feel isolated like I did

You deserve to build healthy, nourishing meals that help you feel your best

And you deserve for these meals to be authentic to you.

Build healthy meals that feel authentic to who you are.

Student Results

"I went to the family carne asada. Previously I would have skipped rice and beans, but this time I ate the rice AND the beans. I felt better and more confident with my food choices!"

- E.

"I improved my A1C while eating more of my cultural foods."


"Now that I have a plan that works for Mexican food, I know I can stick with this for a long time!"


It's time to build a nutrition plan that speaks to your culture.

Are you ready to ditch the boring meal plans that just don’t feel like you?

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