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Virtual Nutrition for Latinas

Balanced nutrition that puts your food culture front and center (without restriction)

Available Nutrition Programs

Nutrition Cultura:

8-Week Intro to Nutrition for Latinas
$ 275
  • 8 Weekly Nutrition Education Modules
  • 3 Virtual Nutrition Counseling Sessions
  • Sample Meal Plan and Recipe Book
  • Nutrition handouts and resources designed for Latin American heritage foods

PCOS Poderosas

12-Week PCOS Nutrition Program for Latinas
$ 349
  • 12 Weekly Education Modules
  • 7 Virtual Nutrition Counseling Sessions
  • 3 Bonus Videos: Meal Prep, Habit Building, About PCOS
  • Fitness Modules by Heather Garcia, RD, CPT
  • Sample Meal Plan and Recipe Book
  • Nutrition handouts and resources designed for Latin American heritage foods
  • Discount on fitness consultation

Client Testimonials

"I loved the focus on nutrients and how I felt in terms of mood and energy vs just weight loss. "
- Yesenia
"Krista is supportive, patient and a great professional to work with."
- Karla


Nutrition con Sabor is in network with Blue Shield of California and Anthem Blue Cross, and can accept most out-of-state BCBS plans.

Coverage for nutrition counseling varies based on your individual plan.

We can help you verify your nutrition counseling benefits prior to your first appointment. We can only offer this service for clients who have signed up for an initial appointment.

If you’d like to verify coverage before signing up, please use this script to call your insurance company and ask about your benefits.

If your plan offers nutrition counseling benefits, you can use insurance to cover the one-on-one appointments in the programs.

Insurance does not reimburse bonus materials like video education modules, handouts, meal plans, etc.

If you are using insurance benefits for the programs, extra out-of-pocket costs will be as follows:

  • $60/month for Nutrition Cultura 8-Week
  • $80/month for PCOS Poderosas 12-Week

The programs were built for you to succeed, and offer combined approaches to help you build habits that last.

It is strongly encouraged that all new clients enroll in one of our programs.

That being said, exceptions can be made for complex needs, at the dietitian’s discretion. Please discuss this during our introduction call.

I offer plenty of sample meals and recipes, and will guide you through ideal timing, frequency, and portion sizes for your needs.

I do not offer specific meal plans that assign calories/macros or tell you which recipes to make on which days.

I have found most clients need more flexibility than a meal plan can offer.

I can’t say for sure.

I consider myself a weight-neutral provider. While I won’t discourage you from losing weight, I see better success with my clients when we make the focus of our work other health measures (like lab values, energy, digestive symptoms).

Some clients will lose weight after implementing changes to address these other health outcomes, and others won’t.

For PCOS clients, my work focuses on addressing insulin resistance, inflammation, meal frequency, and the strong cravings frequently associated with PCOS.

I offer free 20-minute introduction calls.

I can’t offer nutrition advice during these calls.

The purpose of an introduction call is to understand what you’re looking for, explain my approach, and recommend the best program for you.

You can schedule your free introduction call here.

Tired of nutrition advice that features bland, uninspiring food?

Get yourself a dietitian who understands your food culture (and always uses seasoning)!

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