Baked Tacos Dorados







Happy Mother’s Day (today for my Mexican friends and on Sunday for my American friends)

Since I live far away from my mama I don’t really get to have a brunch with her or anything, but I thought one way I could celebrate from across the country is to feature one of her favorite recipes.

Tacos dorados are crispy and satisfying. Since they’re so crunchy, they’re ideal for dipping in salsa and topping with garnishes like cabbage or queso cotija. Tacos dorados normally get their crunch from frying, but for this recipe I experimented with baking them. You still use a little bit of oil to make sure the tortillas are soft and pliant, but this way they’re still a bit lighter than the fried.

I used shredded chicken I had leftover. To save time you can use a rotisserie chicken and shred that, or you can also use any filling you want such as picadillo or rajas.

Check out the recipe below!







Classic Lasagna.jpg


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